Data Compression & Transfer

  • Bandwidth is a premium especially after going dark. Priority of message sent is an operational requirement.
  • Compression: Multiple compression algorithms are available for different file types, as one size does not fit all of the many file and video formats.
  • Lossless file transfer: data integrity verified by recipient. That is to say 100% transfer
  • Delta Compression: Compared to the previous version, with more than 90% compression at the byte level.
  • Secure: proven solution: 256-bit encryption, FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • Multiple compression algorithms to handle more data types
  • MS Office files, PDF, video, audio, medical, sensor data
  • Windows, Unix, Apple, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Secure file transfer capability included
  • Smart reconnect when connectivity is lost during file transfers

Military Applications

Health Applications